Get the Auto Insurance that's Right For You

Amherst and Buffalo, NY

There's a common misconception involving auto insurance: many people believe that carrying the minimum coverage required by the state is all you need. But that may not be the case in your situation, particularly if you want to protect yourself-and your family-from the consequences of a serious accident.

Both injury claims and property damage claims can quickly exceed the minimum amounts that the law requires you to carry in liability. (Average car prices are going up; and we won't even talk about medical expenses.) In terms of hit-and-run or underinsured motorist coverage, the same concerns apply to your own expenses.

The right auto insurance policy will vary from person to person, so you need the advice of an experienced auto insurance agent like Joseph Burch to select the level of coverage that best meets your needs, while also remaining affordable. Call the Burch Insurance Agency today to arrange for a consultation and get a quote on your auto insurance. (716) 830-3417